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Community responsibility

Environmental Awareness and sustainability:

While running through the foothills of Sahyadri, the runners get to see village life and the fragile ecosystem at a close range. The forest cover along the trail route and in adjoining hills is rapidly depleting. ALFA Trail Challenge will help in the ongoing effort of the organisers to conserve the forest and create awareness among the people to protect the diversity of the region. This region is also a vital bio- habitat for Peacocks and other rare birds. While enjoying the run and the beauty around, it will also stimulate the runners to work towards conserving the forests around Mumbai

Local rural community development:

This event will give an opportunity to the rural children and adults to interact with people from Urban areas. This will not only help them improving their communication skills but will also to develop their personalities. They may also learn about alternate occupation /profession. It will be a morale booster for them. The school which is being used as race venue for ALFA Trail Challenge provides subsidised school education to children from local villages.

Ulhas Museum and Research Centre

A museum and research centre is currently being setup near the village where this race is conducted. It will showcase historical, social and cultural heritage of the Ulhas River Basin. It will also exhibit archaeological and geographical articles of interest. One section will be dedicated to environmental conservation and have some specimens of flora and fauna of the region. The museum will also have a rich library on similar subjects and will serve as a research and study centre. A portion of proceeds of the race will be donated towards setting up and maintaining of Ulhas Museum and Research Centre.

Organisers Profile

ALFA Adventures

ALFA Adventures conducts kids’ camp for school students. The aim is to teach them about the flora and fauna of the region. These camps also get them introduced to basics of search and rescue and first aid. During such camps the kids also learn various other aspects like Discipline, Team spirit, the rural life, Mountaineering skills, farming, etc.
ALFA also organises Treks for kids and families, to connect the children of today with nature and to generate love for outdoors. It strives to nurture The Green Ambassadors of tomorrow.

Ashwamedh Pratisthan

Trans Sahyadri Work

Ashwamedh Pratisthan has successfully completed a Trans-Sahyadri cycling expedition - 'Save our Sahyadri‘ in an effort to spread the message to save the Sahyadri range among the local villagers.
It also supported the Solo trans-Sahyadri walking expedition 'Walking on the edge'.

Regional Work

Ashwamedh Pratisthan is involved in social work in Murbad- Malshej region since 2002. It has formed 'Ulhas Research Centre', a study centre for all the archaeological, historical, geographical and cultural diversity in the Ulhas river basin. From time to time the volunteers of Ashwamedh have been assisting Police and Civil Defence in times of Disaster. It has been conducting Search and Rescue missions in the Malshej ghat region (NH222).
The houses of volunteers also double as temporary wild animal and bird rehabilitation centre, when needed.
2 Documentaries (short films) made by Ashwamedh Pratisthan on environment has won award in Maharashtra Girimitra Sammelan.
It also has setup a Library and Museum with ~ 3000 books on topics right from school curricula to Autobiographies. It has exhibits historical and cultural heritage. Archaeological and Geological samples are also on display.

Strategic Partner

Get A Life Fitness LLP

GALF, as it is popularly known as, is a wellness aggregator firm specialising in:
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Meghan Patankar

Trustee - Sahyamitra Charitable trust, Ex-Cadets Social Welfare Society (CadSo-NCC). Member- Ashwamedh Pratisthan, Alfa Adventures, Disaster Amateur Emergency Radio Services.
An enthusiast runner, he is a regularly seen at marathons in Mumbai, Kolhapur, Satara and Goa. His most challenging were Mt. Abu trail half marathon and Ladakh half marathon. Also a passionate hiker, since his introduction to mountains 18yrs back he has been a regular trekker in Sahyadris and Himalayas. He sharpened his passion by getting certified in Mountaineering (Basic mountaineering course) and Skiing (Basic and Intermediate Skiing course). Apart from this he is also an avid Cyclist, Amateur Astronomer and Amateur Radio (HAM) operator.

Avinash Harad

Trustee- Ashvamedh Pratisthan, Ex-Cadets Social Welfare Society (CadSo-NCC), Alfa Adventures
A well-known person in social circle in Mumbai, he has been spear-heading all the activities of Ashwamedh Pratisthan. A passionate mountaineer and cyclist, his longest road trip was when he cycled from Kalyan to Kathmandu, Nepal in 2001. He was a key member of the recent "save our Sahyadri" cycling expedition undertaken to connect people across the Sahyadri ranges from the Gujarat border to Goa border. He has been instrumental in relocating endangered villagers of Siddhagadwadi, a mountain village near Murbad. He also undertakes search and rescue missions for the authorities in the mountains.

Sponsor or Volunteer

This event is a community event. If you will like to be associated with us to make this event successful, please write to us on the email id given at the bottom of the page. We will be glad to work together.